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Weekly Tourney Results

*** Please noteÖ For those of you that arenít aware, the format for the following tournaments is Blind Draw and itís best 2 out of 3.  Mr. Bís first tournament is all 501 with a mystery out and the second one is either 501 or Cricket (cork calls).  Both tournaments at Premier is either 501 or Cricket (cork calls).

Premier (Friday)

1st Tournament Players: 8
1st Place: Steve Cox and Ryk Flores
2nd Place: Brian Greenstreet and Perry West

Mr. Bís (Sunday)

1st Tournament Players: 10
1st Place: Dave Norman and Ryk Flores
2nd Place: Mariano Ella and Kevin Adams
High Out: Dave Norman (#60)
Mystery Out: $867 (not hit) #53

2nd Tournament Players: 12
1st Place: Ryk Flores and Mariano Ella
2nd Place: Dave Norman and Jack Gibson

$ Tournament Players: 6 (Golf)
Winner: Ryk Flores


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