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Woody / Tots For Tots Tournament
Premier Sports Bar - December 8, 2001

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1st Blind Draw
1st Place: Steve Cox and Jim Stoneman
2nd Place: Gary Wenski and Stephanie Suelter
Top 4: Tim Cline and Joe Bryant
             Dave Norman and Tim Perkins

Menís Doubles
1st Place: Tony Wessley and Steve Shope
2nd Place: Dale Blakenship and Tim Cline
Top 4: Dale Newby and Gary Holland
             Tim Perkins and Gary Wenski

Womenís Doubles
1st Place: Jacki McDonald and Donna Simpson (from Joplin)
2nd Place: Diana Rutherford and Shawna Wenski

Menís Singles
1st Place: Steve Shope
2nd Place: Gary Holland
Top 4: Dale Newby
             Bill Pittman

Womenís Singles
1st Place: Diana Rutherford
2nd Place: Donna Simpson

2nd Blind Draw
1st Place: Sherry Benton and Tim Cline
2nd Place: Dan Parker and Dale Newby
Top 4: Steve Cox and Brian Ward
             Diana Rutherford and Ed Shoen

3rd Blind Draw
1st Place: Hassan Abbou-el-ella and Dale Newby
2nd Place: Sherry Benton and Tim Perkins
Top 4: Brian Greenstreet and Terry Haston
             Darla Fitzgerald and Ryk Flores


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