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RAM Dart Association By-Laws

Section 1:  Objective/Year Section 4:  Officers
Section 2:  Membership  Section 5:  Captains
Section 3:  Dues and Fees  Section 6:  Amendments

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1)     OBJECTIVE/YEAR                                Top

a)     Incorporated in the State of Missouri, this organization is Non Profit, and is established to promote excellence, sportsmanship and player satisfaction in the game of darts.  Our number one goal is to make the sport of darts better in Kansas City.

b)     The year shall consist of three (3) seasons to be called Fall, Winter and Summer. Length of each season to be decided by the Board of Directors.

2)     MEMBERSHIP                                        Top

a)     Bar, individual player fees and membership dues shall be established by the Board of Directors.  Membership and player fees are due the first night of league play.  It is the Captain's responsibility to ensure that all monies are turned in the first night of play with the drop off sheets.  Bar fees should be paid within 30 days.

b)     The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, use any excess monies after operational expenses (including trophy purchases), if any, for the benefit of the membership in the form of tournaments, banquets, parties, picnics, etc.

3)     DUES AND FEES                                   Top

a)     Annual membership dues will be established by the Board of Directors and are due the beginning of each calendar year.

b)     Each time a new player is added to your team roster, they must pay player fees, as well as membership fees for the current year.  These fees should be submitted the first night of play.  If you already have six players on your roster, one member of the team must be dropped.

c)      Membership meetings will be held at the time of the awards ceremonies prior to the start of each league season. Registration for the upcoming season will be held at the meeting and trophies and awards for the preceding season will be presented.  Decisions made by the Board of Directors or the Captains may be overruled by a 2/3 majority of a quorum of members. (A quorum shall consist of 5l% of eligible members.)

d)     The Board of Directors retains the right to terminate or suspend any member, team or bar, but only after receiving written protest.  This written protest must be handed to a Board Member within 72 hours after the alleged violation. The defendant must be notified of the complaint and of a hearing by the Board of Directors at a specified time and place and shall be given the right to defend himself/herself before the complainant(s). The owner of the bar in which the alleged violation occurred may, at his/her discretion, be present at the hearing.  Failure of the defendant to appear at his/her hearing will be considered to be a plea of no contest. The Board of Directors will act on the evidence before it. A written explanation of the judgement and action of the Board of Directors will be given to the defendant.  This action may be overruled by a 2/3 vote of a quorum of Captains.

4)     OFFICERS                                              Top

a)     The Officers of the League shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, League Director, ADO Representative, Promotions Director, Membership Director, Division Representatives, Internet Web Master and Youth Director.

b)     All members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the General Membership.

c)      The Board of Directors shall consider and report to the General Membership and Captains on all proposed measures for general welfare of the organization and shall adopt such policies on the general welfare.  The Board of Directors shall make at least semi-annual reports to the General Membership.  A simple majority of the members of the Board of Directions shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at Board Meetings.

d)     The Board of Directors will meet at least once every other month during the league year.  Time and place will be determined by the President and communicated to all Board Members within an appropriate time frame to allow for attendance.

e)     A quorum of the Board of Directors shall have the power to make any decisions it deems necessary to conduct the business of the league.  Its rulings may be overruled by a 2/-' ) vote of a quorum of the General Membership.

f)        All elected Board Members shall serve two years.  No one person shall serve more than three consecutive terms in the same position.  All nominations must be submitted to the League Secretary at least five days prior to the election.

g)     No elected Board Member shall receive payment or remuneration for their services (except for approved expenses which shall be reimbursed to them at the direction of the Board of Directors).

h)      Any elected Board Member may be removed from his/her office at any time for incompetence or misconduct by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.

i)        Duties of the President:

1)     To lead and direct the affairs of the Organization.

2)     To carry out the by-laws and rules of the Organization.

3)     To establish administrative procedures when necessary for the effective operation of the Organization.

4)     To appoint special committees (i.e. trophy committee) with consent of the Board of Directors.

5)     To call and chair meetings of the Board of Directors, Captain's Meetings and General Membership of the league.

6)     To act as ex-officiate member of all committees and to cast the deciding vote in the event of deadlocks therein.

7)     To familiarize himself/herself with all aspects of darts that could affect the General Membership.

8)     To be at all times responsible to the needs and desires of the General Membership.

j)        Duties of the Vice President:

1)     To assume the duties of the President of the Organization in the absence of the President and in the event the President is unable to complete his/her term of office for any reason.

2)     To act as the principal point of contact between the Board of Directors and the General Membership.

3)     To preside over all protest boards necessitated by sanctioned league competition.

4)     To perform such lawful duties delegated to him/her by the President.

k)      Thursday Night League Director:

1)     To be responsible for the recording of all results of league play.

2)     To be responsible for the dissemination of results of league play to the Captains and General Membership via RAMBLINGS along with current news, tournament results, etc.

3)     To be responsible for recording receipt of bar fees and player fees in a timely manner.  As these fees are recorded, the information should be supplied in written format to the treasurer and to the membership director for their records.

l)        Duties of the Treasurer:

1)     To maintain creditable bookkeeping records of the Organization's monies.

2)     To maintain systems to comply with the tracking of funds as may be required by funding sources outside the league.

3)     To maintain disbursement controls to comply with State and Federal guidelines.

4)     To maintain financial records and documentation in compliance with current law and good accounting practice.

5)     To provide all financial records for inspection by the Board of Directors or inspection by the General Membership.

6)     To maintain dual signature accounts in financial institutions selected with the approval of the Board of Directors.

7)     To complete financial reports to be submitted to the General Membership at least semi-annually.

8)     To disburse funds with approval of the Board of Directors in such a manner as to keep a good credit rating for the league.

9)     To be responsible for invoicing.

m)   Duties of the League Secretary:

1)     To be the chief public and media relations officer of the Organization.

2)     To be responsible for correspondence and relationships with other darting organizations.

3)     To maintain minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, Captains, and General Membership and to make such minutes available for publication or inspection by any member.

4)     To be responsible for typing (writing) the schedules for the season's league play.

n)      ADO Representative:

1)     To maintain contact with ADO Regional and national contacts in order to disseminate information to general membership.

2)     To assure that ADO sanction fees are submitted in a timely manner.

3)     To schedule and conduct ADO qualifiers for upcoming ADO events during the calendar year.

4)     To distribute ADO awards and publications such as ADO calendars and Double Eagle.

5)     Work w/ADO Youth Manager to keep that individual abreast of youth activities providing names and addresses of local youth members eligible for ADO youth programs, etc.

6)     Report each season's special achievements such as I 80's, 9 marks, dead eyes (3 double bulls), and 170 in/outs.

7)     Attend all meetings called by the ADO Regional Director (or designate an alternate) to present club concerns, questions or ideas at such meetings and report answers/results back to his/her Member club.

8)     Notify the ADO office of any new members of his/her club new to the USA and notify such members of procedures necessary to establish themselves with the ADO.

9)     Ensure that the local association is aware of playoff deadline dates for all ADO playoff programs, encourage participation in these and other ADO programs and assist in conducting these playoffs.

10) Submit tournament sanctioning forms/fees to the Regional Director in accordance with the ADO Sanctioning Rules and Regulations.

11) Submit results, surcharge monies and special achievement list for ADO sanctioned tournaments hosted by his/her association within 10 days following the tournament event.

o)     Duties of the Membership Director:

1)     To maintain a list of current and past members indicating dates their membership fees were renewed.  Maintain an address/phone/email list to be used for notifying general membership of upcoming events, etc.

2)     Ensure that copy of the receipts for membership fees collected is given to the Treasurer and League Director for their records.  A copy of the receipt is also given to the Secretary to update the membership spreadsheet.  After the secretary updates the listing, a copy will be given to the ADO Rep, the Treasurer and the Membership Director for their records.

3)     Distribute membership cards in a timely manner.

p)     Duties of the Promotions Director:

1)     To visit the participating dart bars to be sure dart equipment and environment (e.g. dart boards, scoreboards, lighting system, foul lines, general setup, etc.) are satisfactory for league play. (Refer to Rules and Regulations, Section 1, Equipment.)

2)     To design and distribute flyers for upcoming ADO events, tournaments, blind draws, etc.

q)     Division Reps:

1)     To attend Board of Director meetings to ensure that all concerns of general membership are addressed.

2)     To distribute team packet at beginning of each season.

r)       Youth Director:

1)     To work closely with ADO Rep to be sure all ADO rules and regulations are followed.

2)     Will organize the youth league and seek assistance from other members in conducting this league.

s)      Internet Web Master:

1)     Responsible for design/operation of the website.  Publish By-Laws and Rules and Regulations, tournament results, photos, etc.

2)     Checks with individuals of league before publishing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses.

5)     CAPTAINS                                               Top

a)     There will be at least one Captain's Meeting per season.  The time and place will be designated by the Board of Directors.

b)     Captains may designate another team member to represent them at any meeting and vote in their place.

c)      Attendance at Captain's Meetings is mandatory.  A penalty may be assessed against teams if the Captain or a designated representative of the team is not present.  Ample notice must be given by the Board of Directors so that it does not present a hardship on the Captains to attend meetings.

d)     Score sheets will be turned in no later than the 8:00 p.m. Friday.  Drop off points for score sheets are located at Mr. B's and Premier in the Black RAM dart mail boxes.  If you are unable to drop off your score sheets before 8:00 p.m. on Friday, contact the league director either by phone or email with your results.  Late sheets penalties are as follows: 1" offense = warning; 2nd offense=3 games; and 3" offense=6 games.

6)     AMENDMENTS                                       Top

a)     Any amendment to these by-laws may be proposed in writing and presented to the Board of Directors no later than 72 hours prior to a regular or special membership meeting to be adopted by a majority vote of the members present and voting.  The proposed amendment must receive approval of a majority of the Board of Directors in order to be presented at the meeting.

b)   All amendments shall become effective at the commencement of the next competition schedule unless otherwise provided for in the amendment.

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