1st Blind Draw 1st Place - Steve Cox (don't ask) and Jim Stoneman (not pictured)

1st Blind Draw 2nd Place - Gary Wenski and Stephanie Suelter

Men's Singles 1st Place - Steve Shope

Men's Singles 2nd Place - Gary Holland

Women's Singles 1st Place - Diana Rutherford

Women's Singles 2nd Place - Donna Simpson

Men's Doubles 1st Place - Tony Wesley and Steve Shope

Men's Doubles Top 4 - Two very large elves (Dale Newby and Gary Holland)

Women's Doubles 1st Place - Jacci McDonald & Donna Simpson

Women's Doubles 2nd Place - Diana Rutherford and Shawna Wenski

The Marines were on hand to help collect toys and assist in the raffle drawings.

Stephanie Suelter, Joe Bryant and Bill Pittman setting up.

Vicki Craddock and a Marine collecting toys.

Tim Cline and Debbie Holland

Perry West kept the tournament moving along

Jacci McDonald and an unknown darter

Joe Bryant, Stephanie Suelter and Gary Weinski's back


Scott and Vicki Craddock

Ed Shoen

Steve Cox presents $1600 raised by RAM to the Toys for Tots

A future darter

Bill Pittman and Tim Cline auction off items donated by Budweiser

The Marines draw another winner in the raffle

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