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To Benefit Toys for Tots & Harvesters

Premier Bar And Grill, December 9
Everyone needs to bring ( 1 ) Toy ( min. $5 value) and ( 1 ) Can Good to enter the tournament, then enter as many events as you like

Event Time Entry Fee  Awards
Blind Draw 501 11:00 a.m. $7.00 per Player 100% of all Entry Fees
Men’s Doubles Cricket  1:00 p.m. $14.00 per Team 100% of all Entry Fees, & 1st Place Award
Women’s Doubles Cricket 1:30 p.m.  $14.00 per Team 100% of all Entry Fees, & 1st Place Award
Men’s Singles 501 3:00 p.m.  $7.00 per Player 100% of all Entry Fees, & Grand Woody
Women’s Singles 501 3:30 p.m. $7.00 per Player   100% of all Entry Fees, & Grand Woody
Blind Draw Cricket 5:30 p.m. $7.00 per Player 100% of all Entry Fees

 Do You Know Your Wood?

What is a Woody?
A “Widdie”, but more commonly called a “Woody”, is a steel tip, solid wood barrel dart with feather flights, and has front-weighted shape, with a metal insert for weight. 

What is a “ Woody Dart Tournament”?
A Woody Dart tournament, is a dart tournament like any other dart tournament except that everybody uses the same dart, and you guessed it a “Woody Dart”.

How do I get a set of Woody Darts?
A FREE set of “Woody Darts” will be given to you at sign-up.

Plus, Extra, Bonus, & More

  • Singles Winners Get The Famous Grand Woody Trophy
  • Contest for Most Innovative/Customized Woody Dart
  • Great Food: Traditional Bar & Grill Food, and Awesome Sandwiches & Salads
  • Great Selection of Beers, Liquors, Liqueurs, Cider, & Wine
  • Chalker Prizes & Drawings

Budweiser Raffle

Budweiser is giving the tournament Promotional items from it’s warehouse to be raffled off, with all proceeds to go to Toys for Tots. Anything and everything could come out of this warehouse , so if you collect Budweiser memorabilia this is an event you must attend!

A donation barrel will be made available 1 week In advance of the event at Premier for Toys & non-perishable food items

Tournament Sponsors

PREMIER Sports-Bar & Grill
11400 E 350 Highway Raytown, MO
Phone: (816) 356-7334

Ram Dart Association

Phone: 1-800-542-3278